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At Weird, we're not your typical tech company. We're a team of creative technologists driven by innovation and disruptive thinking, providing you with the full spectrum of skills and knowledge needed to revolutionize your business. We thrive on challenges, continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible, and leading the way with pioneering solutions.

  • Our services

    Staff augmentation

    Elevate your team dynamics without the fuss! Plug into our reservoir of talent and integrate expert hands seamlessly.

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  • Our services

    CxO + Co-Creation labs

    Fusion of visions! Dive deep with our top-tier CxO in a collaborative sandbox. We'll brainstorm, ideate, and prototype together.

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  • Our services

    Open source solutions

    Democratizing tech, the Weird way! Navigate the universe of open-source with us, leveraging community-driven codes that are transparent.

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  • Case studies

    Staff Augmentation

    See how our Staff Augmentation service delivers diverse skills, fast hiring, and seamless integration for project success

  • Case studies

    CxO + Co-creation lab

    Explore our case studies showcasing how CxO leadership and collaborative innovation drive solutions

  • Case studies

    Open Source Solutions

    Discover how open source solutions offer adaptability, cost-efficiency, and customization for business success

Our expertise

Innovative solutions, tailored for success

Product development

From dynamic websites to intricate web applications, our team has consistently delivered solutions that exceed expectations.

Branding & strategy

Our brand identity specialists and UX/UI designers have crafted distinct, memorable brands that stand out in crowded marketplaces.

Cloud-native solutions

Our cloud computing experts and innovative service offerings have empowered businesses to thrive in the digital age.

Innovation & technology

Our commitment to innovation and technology—cutting-edge solutions have propelled many businesses into the future.