Open source solutions

Where the 'free' in freedom meets ingenuity

Step right up to the digital playground where innovation never sleeps and where collaboration wears the crown! Dive deep into the world of Open Source Solutions with us – a universe where the code isn’t just shared; it’s celebrated. Think of it like a potluck of tech brilliance, but instead of bringing casseroles, everyone's contributing lines of genius.

Want to be always in-the-know without emptying your pockets? Bingo, you're in the right alley! Let's mix, mingle, and multiply the power of collective brainpower and bring some serious game to your tech arsenal.

  • We empower businesses through flexibility and freedom

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  • by collaborating on our innovative open-source solutions

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  • ready to speed up any implementation your business require

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  • 00. Adaptable & agile

    Our open source solutions are adaptable and agile, allowing you to quickly respond to changing requirements and market conditions.

  • 01. Customization

    We can help you tailor our open source solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring that they align perfectly with your business goals.

  • 02. Seamless integration

    Achieve seamless integration with your existing systems and processes, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency.

  • 03. Evolving ecosystem

    Benefit from an ever-evolving open source ecosystem, where continuous innovation keeps your solutions up to date and competitive.

  • 04. Reduced costs

    Our open source solutions can significantly reduce licensing and proprietary software costs, making them a cost-effective choice for businesses.

  • 05. Collective problem-solving power

    Tap into the collective problem-solving power of the open source community, which offers a wealth of expertise and support for tackling challenges.

Our solutions

We take pride on our open source solutions

Id.IOT - Industrial Internet of Things

As the veins and nerves of modern industry, our solution provides a conduit for devices, machines, and systems to converse in real-time. This industrial chatterbox not only streamlines operations but also unlocks data-driven insights for better decision-making. Industrialization was yesterday; Id.IOT is today and beyond.

Reactive HTML Element

In the digital age, static web elements are yesterday's news, and while many frameworks promise dynamism, they often come with complexity and bloat. Our Reactive HTML Element solution is the game-changer; it's lightweight, intuitive, and flexible. Instead of wading through steep learning curves or being confined by a framework's limitations, our solution offers rapid, responsive web elements that evolve with web standards. By blending simplicity with future-ready innovation, we're setting the stage for web assets that not only stand out today but remain relevant tomorrow.

Quarkus Lambda Flow

Flow like water, adapt like a chameleon, and scale like the universe! Enter the world of Quarkus Lambda Flow, where every microservice interaction is optimized, and every serverless function is maximized for performance. Built for the cloud-native landscape, it's our avant-garde answer to the demand for lightning-fast, ultra-resilient digital solutions.

Explore our process

Our process is designed to maximize the efficiency, effectiveness, and success of your project, and can be tailored to your specific needs every step of the way.
  • Discovery
    • Analysis
    • Strategy
  • Process
    • Customization
    • Quality assurance
  • Outcome
    • Maintenance
    • Scale and optimize

Our case studies

  • 00. From edge to cloud: crafting an open-source Id.IoT masterpiece


  • 01. Reactive revolution with RxEl: Effortless web development via one-way data connectivity


  • 02. Optimizing serverless lambdas: Unveiling a premium data flow solution