From edge to cloud: crafting an open-source Id.IoT masterpiece

    About the project

    Harnessing the power of the IoT gateway, pipeline industries now revel in a dynamic ecosystem that not only collects and processes data, but also refines their overarching infrastructure management prowess.

    The challenge

    Bridging historical gaps in automation

    While the industrial automation landscape prides itself on endurance, its foundational protocols like Modbus TCP/RTU, birthed in 1979, remain largely untouched. This leaves a significant disparity between operational technology and the evolving world of cloud computing.

    Features hailed as benchmarks in cloud, including keen observability, in-depth insights, and proactive monitoring, remain elusive in traditional industrial process automation.

    The approach

    Embracing open-source excellence

    We decided to roll up our sleeves and craft an open-source industrial internet of things (IIoT) gateway. By leveraging the finesse of open hardware, such as the Raspberry Pi 4B, we aimed to inject power into edge computing capabilities. But the magic didn't just stop there! Knowing how essential adaptability is in today's digital race, our gateway was designed to be fully programmable. This approach ensures that organizations aren't just reacting to changes but dancing with them, scaling and molding as the demand.

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    • Discovery
      • Spot sector gap
      • Assess feasibility
    • Process
      • Develop gateway
      • Multi-cloud development
    • Outcome
      • Automation
      • Observability

    The solution

    Cruise with the clouds

    Sure, ground-level solutions can be groovy, but why not soar when you can? Making our solution cloud-native wasn't just a technical tick-box, it was a philosophy. Offering compatibility with a spectrum of cloud providers, we served up a buffet of choices. From the heavyweights like Azure, AWS, and GCP to the agile players like Linode and DigitalOcean, we've got the clouds covered.

    And for those who love the specifics, our gourmet tech recipe comprised a fine blend: A foundation of Linode Kubernetes Engine, seasoned with Kubernetes 1.23, a sprinkle of 6-core and 12GB RAM, and garnished with gRPC, Elastic, Prometheus, and Kafka. This concoction ensures that businesses aren't just surviving the digital era, they're thriving and jiving!

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    The results

    Observability in overdrive

    Ever tried navigating a maze blindfolded? That's what running industrial processes without observability feels like. But fret not! Our solution not only threw in the compass but also lit up the path, bringing to the table top-notch observability, insights, monitoring, and those ever-so-crucial alerting features. These were features that the industrial automation scene was craving!

    The gift that keeps giving

    Our open-source mantra was more than just coding in the open. It was about making high-end tech solutions feel like they were on a Black Friday sale—accessible and light on the pocket. Businesses saw cost savings so significant, they had to double-check their calculators!

    Tech modernization, but make it sleek

    Out with the old, in with the ultra-modern! Our solution was like that snazzy, new gadget everyone wants to get their hands on. It enabled industries to swap out their outdated tech hats for a newer, shinier, more innovative one. With our approach, the future of industrial process automation never looked brighter!

    Cloud-native: Because why settle for one?

    Why pick one flavor when you can have a scoop of each? Our cloud-native solution opened up a world where businesses had the freedom to choose. From the big players like Google, Amazon, and Azure to the nimble ones like Linode and DigitalOcean, we offered a veritable smorgasbord of cloud providers. The sky (or should we say cloud?) was truly the limit!

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