Optimizing serverless lambdas: Unveiling a premium data flow solution

About the project

We've redefined the paradigm of data flow solutions, infusing them with high-octane native executables.

Designed for expansive deployment, these executables seamlessly merge intricate algorithms within a streamlined low-code orchestrator.

The challenge

Navigating financial complexity

Tasked with consolidating financial insights from a myriad of institutions, each with their unique take on open banking standards, we faced a challenge. Subtle differences in interfaces necessitated adaptive data flows, capable of catering to distinct authorization norms, entitlements, and rate constraints.

Given the sheer scale, traditional solutions like Spring Cloud Dataflow or NodeRED weren't just right. We were compelled to envision a fresh, more efficient approach.

The approach

Unleashing the Power of Serverless Lambdas

Our approach was characterized by the integration of high-performance native executables, the development of a user-friendly low-code orchestrator, scalability for efficient resource allocation, algorithm optimization for improved processing, stringent security measures, rigorous testing and iteration, and comprehensive documentation and training. This multifaceted strategy not only significantly reduced data processing time but also enhanced the accuracy and reliability of our system.

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  • Discovery
    • Assess complexity
    • Sector analysis
  • Process
    • Serverless setup
    • Cloud-native
  • Outcome
    • Efficient data flow
    • Exceptional UX

The solution

Crafting cloud-native flexibility

Delving into a versatile solution, we curated a reference architecture suitable for deployment across any Kubernetes cloud-native environment. Through a domain-specific language tailored for data flow, we ensured the streamlined deployment, configuration, and execution of lambdas in a sequence. Capitalizing on a Quarkus extension, we empowered users to craft lambdas using JVM-based languages, subsequently transforming them into agile native executables.

Complementing this, our bespoke Kubernetes operator seamlessly orchestrates serverless lambdas, while our in-house cloud-native message queue consolidates operations. The culmination? A high-octane, language-neutral data flow application delivering a frictionless developer experience.

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The results

Reimagined data flow paradigm

We revolutionized traditional data flow dynamics, fusing them with agile native executables. This evolution not only improved efficiency but also amplified scalability, setting new industry benchmarks.

Efficient financial data aggregation

Our state-of-the-art solution enabled seamless aggregation of financial insights from a diverse range of institutions. By recognizing and adeptly handling the nuanced differences across open banking standards, we ensured comprehensive and accurate data consolidation.

Seamless cloud integration

Our cloud-native design ensured unparalleled adaptability across various Kubernetes platforms, granting businesses the flexibility they desired without compromising on performance.

Unrivaled developer experience

Our solution isn't just about high performance and agility—it's about the user. Developers found our platform intuitive, enjoying a seamless experience as they crafted and executed their projects.

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