GarDsign's Evolution: Pivoting from a PHP Legacy System to Java Microservices

    About the company

    At its heart, GarDsign is a bridge between imagination and reality, offering customers a digital sketchpad to design their perfect garden. Their legacy system, a PHP monolith, served its time well.

    However, progress beckoned. The mission? Transition the crucial drawing service into a more agile Java-based REST API microservice.

    The challenge

    Scaling mountains, step by step

    GarDsign's PHP monolith brought a unique challenge to the table. Absence of a managed database meant no safety net of automatic backups. Their 'tekentool', perched precariously on interconnected virtual private servers, was far from being scalable. The Drawing API, embedded deep within this setup, bore the brunt of the computations. One heavy influx of user requests and the entire system could come crashing down, staring at a potential service blackout.

    The approach

    Strategic blueprint for digital evolution

    Our collaboration with GarDsign began with an insightful discussion about the potential vulnerabilities in their current system setup. Recognizing the imperatives in the modern digital era, our main endeavor was to emphasize the need for a fortified and robust database infrastructure to the GarDsign management. As stewards of digital transformation, we found ourselves in the position not just to recommend, but to redefine and elevate GarDsign’s digital journey.

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    • Discovery
      • Onboarding
      • Vulnerability analysis
    • Process
      • Linode migration
      • Restful API development
    • Outcome
      • K8s integration
      • System resilience

    The solution

    Linode to the rescue

    Our database needed a savior, and that's when Linode hosting services and their managed databases stepped in. To get technical, we began by performing a comprehensive data backup to ensure the safety of every piece of customer information. Once that was complete, we rejuvenated our data by restoring it as a managed PostgreSQL database on Linode. The cherry on top? Automatic backups, providing a safety net for our data at all times.

    As for the tekentool hosted on virtual private servers, the solution came in the form of Linode hosting services and the Linode Kubernetes Engine. This allowed Gardsign to easily manage and scale their application's infrastructure. The key part of the solution was to create a Kubernetes cluster for the new REST Drawing API. This API handles the majority of the tekentool computations, so the solution involved rebuilding only the Drawing API as a Java-based Restful microservice and deploying it on Kubernetes on Linode.

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    The results

    Robust and resilient system

    Data loss? Not on our watch! We transitioned to a more agile, scalable managed service. The cherry on top? Automatic backups ensuring data integrity and zero downtimes.

    Strategic cost efficiency

    Their monthly expenses were as high as $585, attributed to VPS hosting fees. However, a smart switch to Linode reduced the bill to just $35. The result, an impressive monthly saving.

    The GarDsign evolution

    Our collaboration with GarDsign ignited a transformative journey of growth and innovation. Together, we streamlined efficiency, enhanced the user experience, expanded market reach, future-proofed operations, fortified data security, embraced sustainability, and committed to continuous improvement.

    Enhanced Scalability and Performance

    GarDsign's application infrastructure can now easily adapt to fluctuating workloads, ensuring a seamless user experience even during peak usage. This newfound scalability has empowered GarDsign to grow their business with confidence, knowing their systems can handle the demand.

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