Westpac's transformation: A 21st century banking app for NZ businesses & government

    About the company

    Westpac stands as a titan in the banking landscape, serving millions across the country. Their vast array of services encompasses both individual and business banking solutions, seamlessly bridging the gap between everyday account holders to large enterprises.

    Operating for more than 200 years, Westpac has evolved, adapting to changes in the banking landscape. However, as the digital era advanced, Westpac found itself needing to embrace modern technology to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving financial world.

    The challenge

    Westpac's quest for modernization

    For Westpac New Zealand, the hurdles extended beyond the realm of numbers. The bank grappled with legacy systems, which were relics of a bygone era in software engineering. 'Agile' wasn't just unfamiliar territory—it was almost unheard of. The technologies they relied on had lost their edge in the evolving digital age. Adding to these complexities, there was a palpable gap in both experience and leadership.

    The approach

    Crafting bespoke harmonies for digital success

    When it comes to financial symphonies, there's no 'one-size-fits-all'. We recognized that Westpac New Zealand wasn't just another bank but a unique institution with its own rhythm, pulse, and aspirations. Our approach was like that of a meticulous composer – attentive, innovative, and always in tune with our client.

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    • Discovery
      • Onboarding
      • Identify challenge
    • Process
      • Strategy
      • Craft components
    • Outcome
      • Adoptive system
      • High agility

    The solution

    Crafting a tailored digital symphony for Westpac

    At first, the journey seemed set in stone: slot in Backbase's 'banking-in-a-box' and add a sprinkle of revitalized engineering culture. A classic two-step, right? Not quite. While Backbase spun an impressive tune, harmonizing it with Westpac’s intricate dance proved a bit challenging. It sometimes missed a step, not always resonating with the unique rhythm Westpac marched to.

    So, what did we do? We went jazz! Composed our own melody with the freshest tech notes and practices, creating versatile components and a rock-solid architecture that not only sang but also ensured every department could hum along. Consistency? Check. Efficiency? Double-check. Quality? Encore!

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    The results

    Hitting high notes with Agile

    We revolutionized traditional data flow dynamics, fusing them with agile native executables. This evolution not only improved efficiency but also amplified scalability, setting new industry benchmarks.

    Composing custom classics

    Our state-of-the-art solution enabled seamless aggregation of financial insights from a diverse range of institutions. By recognizing and adeptly handling the nuanced differences across open banking standards, we ensured comprehensive and accurate data consolidation.

    Efficient encores

    Our cloud-native design ensured unparalleled adaptability across various Kubernetes platforms, granting businesses the flexibility they desired without compromising on performance.

    Agile performance

    Our solution isn't just about high performance and agility—it's about the user. Developers found our platform intuitive, enjoying a seamless experience as they crafted and executed their projects.

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